We Care


Our reputation as an emerging leader in the non-emergency medical transportation field has been built on the pillars of safety, prompt response times, courtesy, dependability and superior customer service.

NURSECARE Transportation vehicles are kept up to the highest standard of operation. The vehicles undergo routine maintenance and preventative care to ensure our clients receive the best experience possible. Every vehicle is equipped with a multipurpose android tablet that allows our drivers to navigate with ease, and allows our dispatchers to track our vehicles in real time.

As ambassadors of our company, our drivers are the key to NURSECARE’s success. Each driver undergoes an intensive screening process to ensure safety and reliability. NURSECARE drivers are trained to the highest standard with safety being the number one priority. Though we cater our driver-training programs to each contract we serve, our fundamental training includes:

  • Agency Policies & Procedures

  • Defensive Driving

  • Operation & Maintenance of Lifts and Securements

  • Fleet Vehicle Care

  • CPR & First Aid

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Disability Awareness Training

  • Passenger Relations & Sensitivity

  • ADA Training

Our commitment to safety starts with our drivers but extends you our clients. We ask that when you ride with us you observe the following:

  • Always wear your seat belt

  • Do not distract the driver (ex. Speaking on the cellphone)

  • No food, Drink, or Smoking on Nursecare Vehicles

  • Stay seated while the vehicle is moving

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