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Careers in patient transportation involve the movement and care of patients who require medical attention. These roles include emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, ambulance drivers, patient transport attendants, and patient escorts, medical dispatchers.

We adhere to the transportation standards of the City of Methuen Livery code, and all other transportation standards set forth in the state of Massachusetts. All of our staff must adhere to safety guidelines at all times, they must be 19, must furnish written references, high school education, valid vehicle operator’s license and must be able to pass CORI, RMV, Drug /Alcohol, DOT Physical and TB tests, they also receive extensive training prior to contact with consumers, refresher courses and safety workshops must have the ability to use a computer/handheld device, must have the ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others, provide customer service to our clients, vendors, public and other employees. Exercise good judgment to always satisfy our Clients at all times. The primary functions below would be a summary of functions and qualifications:


Dispatchers are the main line of communication between the office, clients, programs, and drivers on the road. They relay information and help operators determine the best course of action for all scenarios. Dispatchers are expected to be familiar with safety and operating procedures. As well as provide service in a professional, courteous, manner when interacting with all stakeholders. Their duties include: assisting the Transit operations manager and line supervisors with the controlling movement of fixed-route vehicles, accepting calls requesting general information, and ensuring timely, effective, safe service at all times.


Must be 21, and demonstrates an ability to operate several types of vans to the extent of maneuvering safely through congested traffic conditions, adverse weather, and road conditions. Operate assigned equipment in a safe manner and in adherence to all Company, HST policies as well as local, state, and federal laws. Safely transport Clients as scheduled; Provide customer service by assisting Clients in entry and exit of vehicles, conduct a proper “pre” and “post” trip vehicle inspection and note any discrepancies at the beginning and end of every shift; report any potentially hazardous vehicle maintenance or safety issues immediately to a Dispatcher or Supervisor. Other duties as required.


Must be 19, Maintain client safety and provide customer service by assisting Clients in entry and exit of vehicles, report any potentially hazardous vehicle or safety issues immediately to a Dispatcher or Supervisor. Assist driver to maintain the cleanliness of all equipment assigned during shift. Other duties as required.


Under the general direction of management, plans, supervises, coordinates, and controls the daily activities related to the safe transfer of passengers, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of company vehicles and equipment; performs related duties as assigned.

Monitors and directs the daily activities of Fleet operations; with an emphasis on client Safety and Best Customer Service. In collaboration with management; Interviews, trains and motivates employees, assigns and evaluates work, and disciplines employees according to established company procedures; conducts performance appraisals; inspects completed work to ensure proper work performance. Assists with the planning and development of best service delivery methods for assigned areas.


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